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Factory Suspension Rebuilds
Rebuilt by riders. In-house.


Exhale, you're in the woods. All you hear is your tires on the dirt, the birds in the trees, or maybe your favorite playlist. That brown ribbon of dirt is waiting for you.


Cycling with a smile. An electric bike with give you new access to two wheels that allow to ride in all the ways you want to. Tough hills? Thing of the past. Want an equalizer to keep up with your buddies? Now you have one. There's an e-bike for every riding style.

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Gravel Bikes 

Ditch the pavement and go down that dirt road you've always wanted to explore. You'll expand your route vocabulary with a gravel bike. Plus, they allow you to ride on the shoulder of the road for safety. Smooth out your ride with a gravel bike.

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Go out and crush some country miles with a road bike. May the views always be scenic and the wind at your back.


Go outside, get some exercise, feel the wind in your hair. Enjoy a hybrid on some of Michigan's best bike paths right here in our neck of the woods.

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The North Country Cycle Story:
Run by Bikers, for Bikers

North Country Cycle’s passion for cycling began in 2000. Current owner Mike Cortright bought the first bike ever sold by North Country Cycle at age 10 and began working at the shop four years later. Over the last two+ decades, North Country Cycle has helped grow the Northern Michigan cycling community through advocacy, trail building, quality products and service and by bringing bikers together. Mike worked at the shop in the summer while attending Northern Michigan University and purchased North Country Cycle when he graduated in 2016.